Welcome to boxpleat.com

Welcome to Boxpleat Fashions

For more than 7 years now, Boxpleat Fashions has been creating custom designs for discriminating collectors of fashion dolls both vinyl and resin.

We are currently in the process of changing the structure of our website. This is a long process as much of our time is now taken up with Baby-duties. We are currently not accepting any new commissions for any size of doll. We will endeavor to update sections as quickly as possible, but it is likely to take months (considering the last update never even got finished!)

I will try to get the archives up soon. Let me know if you miss something, and I will try to get it up soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Project Dollway Visitors

Thanks for visiting my website. I am sorry it is in such a STATE lately, but I am trying to do better. If you are looking to see some current items for sale, the "Salesroom" pages can now be viewed by clicking on the "Pret-a-Porter" button on the left of your screen. I will try to update the pages, as I have a lot that is finished but hasn't been posted. Feel free to email me at k(at)boxpleat.com. I look forward to hearing from you.
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